ALPA’s Safety Council Embraces Information Sharing

During ALPA’s 59th Air Safety Forum, the organization’s Safety Council—pilot representatives from each pilot group tasked with promoting the safety of flight operations by providing pilot input into safety decisions—embraced the concept of information sharing.

The pilot representatives took the opportunity during individual updates from each airline to discuss—among other things—the importance of including safety components within contract negotiations, especially regarding ASAP/FOQA programs at airlines.

Candid, open discussion triggered a conversation about best practices for existing contract language that could serve as a solid template for other pilot groups considering similar implementation. The group also received an important reminder from the council’s chairman, Capt. Frank Pizzonia (CAL), that during contract negotiations, ALPA pilots need to remember the safety aspects because no one else will.

A large part of the discussion on Day 2 focused on innovative ways to expand the sharing of safety data beyond the airline level. The group received a through presentation from Jay Pardee, FAA, and Pat Massimini, MITRE Corporation, who outlined a prototype data-fusion project currently under development. The presentation generated significant discussion among the committee members, as this would be the next step in safety data analysis.

Throughout the meeting, the group also received presentations from:

• Capt. Kathi Hurst, ALPA’s chair for Energy and Environment Group, who gave an overview of the EU emissions trading scheme;

• Capt. Don Wykoff, chair of the FTDT Committee, who updated the group on the status of ALPA’s FTDT app development;

• Boeing representatives Terry McVenes, Lisa Thomas, and Mike Doellefeld, who presented the company’s safety philosophy, 787 lithium-ion battery modifications, and Boeing/Delta fatigue study;

• F/O Steve Jangelis (DAL), chair of ALPA’s Airport and Ground Environment Group;

• Capt. Bill DeGroh (EGL), chair of the Aircraft Design/Operations Group; and

• Capt. Sean Cassidy, ALPA first vice president, who discussed current events and ALPA’s role.

The group met during both days of the private portion of ALPA’s safety week.